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... the comprehensive web site for information regarding drunk driving in Ohio. What is OVI? OVI is an acronym for Operating a Vehicle Impaired. Formerly known as DWI, DUI, OMVI, or drunk driving, the Ohio General Assembly changed the statute to OVI in January 2005 to more accurately reflect the actual scope of the offense since it doesn't necessarily require "driving" or that the "operation" be in a "motor vehicle."

Much of the OVI Law site is provided for the general public as a free resource of OHIO OVI information, while portions of the site require membership and is designed to assist those Ohio OVI attorneys who are dedicated to the zealous defense of Ohio OVI cases.

Members Only Information

OVILaw.com offers member access to Ohio OVI Case Law through our Case Law Update area. With a paid membership, Ohio OVI Defense Attorneys have access to OVI case law published throughout the State of Ohio. Keep in tune with new and updated case law ... learn more»

OVILaw.com offers member access to Ohio Police Officer Data. With detailed references to OVI DUI citations searchable by County, Patrol Post and much more, you too can build your OVI Defense case with solid reference information. Sure up your OVI Defense ... learn more»

Public Accessible Information

OVILaw.com provides an OHIO OVI Attorney Directory for the purpose of providing the public with a listing of attorneys who handle Ohio OVI and Ohio drunk driving cases.  Many of the Ohio OVI Attorneys listed in the Attorney Directory offer free OVI consultations; however, you will need to check with each individual OVI attorney to determine if he/she offers free consultations for drunk driving cases in Ohio.

OVILaw.com provides a complete listing of State of Ohio approved Driver Intervention Programs. If charged with a 1st Offense OVI (DUI), the Court can allow you to participate in a 72 hour (3 Day) "Alcohol" Intervention Program in lieu of a 3 day mandatory jail sentence. Get a complete list of Ohio approved 72 Hour Intervention Programs searchable by county.

The OVI Resources page contains helpful and/or interesting information and links to articles and websites that deal with OVI, DUI, drunk driving, OVI Penalties, DUI Penalties, ignition interlock devices, law enforcement and other important OVI/DUI issues. Ohio OVI is an informational section that explains Ohio's OVI Law and it's penalties in an overview. These links, sites and articles are not endorsed by OVILaw.com and are only provided for additional information to the user.

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