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OVI/DUI 72 Hour Ohio Driver Intervention Programs

OHIO has mandatory sentencing for those persons convicted of OVI/DUI! If you are convicted of a 1st offense OVI/DUI, there is a minimum mandatory jail sentence of 3 days; however, the Court can allow you to participate in a 72 hour (3 Day) Driver Intervention Program (also called Alcohol Intervention Program), in lieue so long as it is served at a State approved program.

These 3 day Ohio Driver Intervention Programs (DIP's) are often held at hotels and provide a welcome alternative to spending 3 days in the county jail. Most courts have a list of the driver intervention programs that they will allow you to participate in, however, if you live in an area other than where you were cited for your OVI/DUI offense, the information in this site will help you provide the court with the approved driver intervention program in your area of Ohio.

You can find an authorized Ohio OVI 72 Hour Intervention Program in your area, listed by County below. Simply choose an Ohio county from the drop down list.

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