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Welcome to the OHIO POLICE OFFICER DATA section of OVILaw.COM.  This area requires a monthly subscription and is offered for the purpose of providing Ohio OVI attorneys and drunk driving lawyers with valuable information regarding Ohio police officers who have charged people with OVI, DUI, OMVI, drunk driving or any other moniker for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs in violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.19.

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The information found on this page has been provided by attorneys throughout Ohio and is searchable by Officer Name, Arresting Agency and Ohio Court and will provide you with data regarding the day/hour the officer is making arrests, the street(s) where the traffic stop took place, the violations he/she is charging defendants with, the gender, age and race of the accused and the type of vehicles being driven by those accused of OVI, OMVI, DUI, drunk driving or drugged driving. Other information found in this section includes the Policy and Procedures for OVI, DUI investigations for various police agencies throughout the State of Ohio and have been acquired through public record requests and demands for discovery.

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This information will help the OVI attorney/DUI attorney determine if a particular officer has a modus operandi as well as providing you with information useful for marketing purposes.  Other useful information available in this site includes Ohio police agency policy and procedure manuals.

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